WeSC is a premium brand born in the streets of Stockholm, offering innovative and contemporary clothing and accessories. They were looking for an original way to launch their headphone line in Belgium.


Concept DevelopmentCommunication Strategy Creative DirectionCreative Production

We transformed an art space into a 2 month experience store. The colourful WeSC headphones were presented on a structure of cardboard 'Bloxes'. People were invited to test the headphones at the various custom made music hubs. To emphasize the temporary character of this pop-up we developed modular packaging. Buying a pair of headphones resulted in taking a piece of the cardboard store home, meaning the store would disappear after all headphones were sold. 

Complete implementation including organizing various in-store events ranging from drinks and workshops to concerts & photo exhibits. We asked musicians, creatives and DJ’s to create playlists which people could explore online and in store on Imac booths. We've set in-store drinks and afterparties with Vice Magazine. Furthermore we collaborated with Postr Magazine to create a special 'sound' edition.

"The brothers and their team set up this fresh unique pioneering retail concept (this was 2009!) with a powerful creative force. Till today we use this as a store experience reference."

Anton Janssens, WeSC Benelux



Behind-The-scenes Snapshots

Our team

Pieterjan Van Parys / Wouter Van Parys / Lennart Vandenbossche
Benoit Nolens / BC Architects & a lot of friends


Cardboard building blocks designed by Jeff Raskin.

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