Urban Crafts


Urban Crafts, founded in 2010 by Trendwolves is a platform for young creative makers, that has successfully evolved within an interactive network of over 200 crafters. We created a series of short film portraits that document the young crafters and their inspirations and processes.


Format CreationPre ProductionProductionPost ProductionMotion Design

The film portraits are the result of a short but intimate encounter between filmmaker and the crafter, giving multiple perspectives into the different passions held by young crafters and makers in Belgium.

“After six years of collaboration, it's surprising that their latest films still outdo the quality we've come to expect.“

Filip Lemaitre, partner at Trendwolves



Our team

Production - Wouter & PJ Van Parys
Camera & Editor - Wouter Van Parys
Motion Design - Joren Peeters

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