Palm Belgian Craft Brewers


Palm Belgian Craft Brewers is a Belgian family owned artisanal brewery that builds on a durable relationship with consumers who are looking for a unique taste and brand experience with authentic beers. They asked us to create a brand film that acts as an introduction to their company.


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The film is shown in their visitor centre at the beginning of every brewery tour. People sit down in the theater so we decided to make a slow film, a film that amplifies the senses and expresses the values of the company.

Together with Palm and our film production team we started creating the visual guidelines and intentions. A visual experience of the world of Palm, the people, the craftsmanship, the beer. The film works as a teaser, a magnified, exalted perception and discovery of the brewery, craftsmanship, creativity and the environment. A focus on the sensual, with a microscopic look at the texture and color of beer and its ingredients.


Palm Belgian Craft Brewers

Our team

Director - Benoit De Clerck
Producer - PJ & Wouter Van Parys
DOP - Diego Dezuttere
Camera Assistant - Bart De Duytsche
Editor - Wouter Van Parys
Motion Design - Joren Peeters
Sound - Roundhouse
Grading - Nozon

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