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J. Cortès asked us to make a film that shows how Oliva Cigars continued to evolve efficiently and is now a fully vertically integrated business, from seed to cigar. They even started their own tobacco farm. The one thing that never changed is the passion for cigars and love for the employees.


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When you go to the other side of the world to create a movie, you have to make sure that your preparation is perfect. You can’t just fly back afterward to film extra scenes. As Eminem would say: you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. We appreciate Fred Vandermarliere, the CEO of J. Cortès, who let two Belgians fly in instead of working with a local crew. Apparently, we bring exactly the flavor he has in mind! This was one of our biggest projects ever. Before we left for Nicaragua, we brainstormed not just about the concept and script but also about the practical issues. What gear should we bring with us? How do we plan our days? What moments do we definitely want to capture?

“Just wonderful! We are a company that doesn't gloss over things and mainly works from the gut feeling. It is incredible to see how the two brothers made a beautiful story out of a mish-mash of ideas. They work very independently with passion and respect for our people. We proudly share our movie with all cigar lovers. The reactions have been terrific!“

Fred Vandermarliere, CEO J. Cortès Cigars


We would like to thank the entire team of J. Cortes & Oliva Cigars for their trust, especially MJ, the best local fixer and translator we could imagine. What a ride!

Our team

Director & Producer - PJ Van Parys
DOP - Wouter Van Parys
Editor - Kevin De Vogele & Wouter Van Parys
Copy - Robin Dhondt & Philippe Verkinderen
Grading - Xavier Dockx
Sound - Thomas Houthave

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